TERIA – EXAGONE joins the association

The association is growing, welcoming a new member. Discover the new member of the association: Teria – Exagone.

TERIA – EXAGONE joins the association


The EXAGONE – TERIA company was founded in 2005 at the instigation of the Order of Surveyors – Experts, in order to create a real-time centimetric geolocation network, independent and French.

TERIA services have been designed to meet the different positioning and navigation needs in a wide variety of fields (topography, cartography, agriculture, construction, GIS, machine management, robotics, connected objects, etc.).


Certified ISO 9001 and 14001, TERIA quickly aroused the interest of a large number of geolocation players and expanded with innovative hardware and software solutions. TERIA is today the leader in high performance GNSS solutions.


This is why they therefore wish to invest in the association on the subject of GNSS themes.


jean michel oribesTo contact TERIA, here is the preferred contact:

? Who? Jean-Michel ORIBES, Business development director

? By email: jm.oribes@reseau-teria.com

? By phone: 07 69 78 07 81


TERIA – EXAGONE becomes the 82nd member of the association by deciding to join us.
The entire RobAgri team and its members welcome this new member.

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